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In addition he was the third finisher from Luxembourg. Now that he has fixed his nutrition I am sure there are a lot great races to come for Thierry!

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Race Recap from Coach Mirjam Weerd :. First time over the Olympic Distance; great work Lysander! Races in the Caribbean are hard due to the weather and this triathlon is definately a tough one. The island has little flat sections and the run over the golfcourse is not easy at all! Lysander has only just started training with us for his big goal but not even an eye operation and a fall of the stairs could keep him from doing his first olympic distance triathlon on the island of Curacao he calls home!

Well done Lysander! Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen :. Super weekend of racing for Isabelle — Congratulations. On Saturday, she finished a strong 2nd behind a teammate. And then to finish off the weekend, Isabelle rode even better on Sunday and came away with her second win of the year! Great weekend, Isabelle! Well done Maxi, consistently building and getting closer to the top step! We continue to keep building his fitness again, and he is consistent, and we are are going to hop on the top step very soon!

We have really been working on his swim, and Total Body Force is producing more and more easy speed. Looking forward to our other goals this season and beyond, Cory! Race Recap from Coach Jo Spindler :. Literally a hot race weekend is behind us. After a cold and rainy spring in middle Europe temperatures were climbing easily above 30 degrees. Jenny put the hammer down like always when she grabs a good day. She exited the water 5th over all, hammered the bike and ran fantastic 10kms time which was a total time of hrs and a 4th place over all. But more races to come. Steve was thinking this must be fast.

While he was misguided on the first lap and missed 14kms he decided to add them towards the end of his bike ride. After finishing in 11hrs16mins he went to the referees and declared his mistake or better the mistake of the marshals. They had a little discussion but thanks goodness the Garmin technology showed that he did the whole course at the end. Next stop for Steve is the real monster Altriman in the Pyrenees. It was a start — finish victory and the win was never threatened.

Markus did a controlled race and finished off the hilly bike and run course in a time of hrs. This is a new course record for this tough Olympic Distance.

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After his come-back race and a 2nd place at Triathlon Portocolom he is on a very good way back to the top. Really good to see him that strong after his hip surgery. Moritz Bachmann was racing the Olympic Distance in Belfort. The weather conditions were really tough. The sun was burning and the thermometer climbed up to 34 degrees celsius which caused a non-wetsuit swim. Moritz improved a lot over the past years in the swim but swimming without wetsuit is always a Challenge for him.

He struggled through the swim and pushed hard on the very technical bike course hrs where he gained at least 40 places. The final run in the midday heat was just survival but with 43mins on the 10kms and in this heat Moritz is very happy. At the end he was 29th over all and we see that we are heading into the right direction for the big show at Challenge Roth. Good job Team!

Loreen scored her second top 10 AG in as many weeks and set another PB by 4min. Jan did not have the race he was looking for. What affected him on the day was over come by sheer will to not give up. An enjoyable day out at Inglostadt for Yves with a solid race result. This weekend, I had 2 athletes racing, and both at the same race, Triathlon Ingolstadt. Yves Salzmann raced very well with a good swim, a very strong bike and a very ok run in hot conditions! This is what Yves said about the race: First of all I have to say, I liked the whole event a lot.

Great organisation, nice course and really kind of familiy atmosphere. Really recommendable if anyone wants to do a middle distance race away from the big label races! Powering away on the bike and to an AG win! Bettina Strehl came 4th overall and won her age group by a long way! She had an incredible bike split and the fastest of all! Very ok swim too and a strong run!

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British Sprint Champs Podium for Rob. This weekend saw Rob Osborne try to back up his good performance a week ago qualifying for the worlds this season in his Ag. Well done Rob. Aquathon action from the weekend. We had many strong performances, with podiums, personal bests and some kids completing their first Aquathon race. First It seemed that every triathlete in Poland was doing it as this is probably the hardest Steve Lyons and I decided to do something different last weekend. A very consistent ride is a good indication of what he should be able to do in As always his race report consisted of less than characters!

David Nicholson likes challenges and when he learned that there s a open water 5k race close to where he was staying in Mallorca he could not let such an opportunity go. We slightly amended his training schedule to accommodate couple of longer swims and here he was at the start line. Great experience, challenging conditions and a rough swim. His short report sums it up: That was a tough one. Wind and waves against us all the way. Felt I kept up a good intensity but the battle with the sea was unrelenting and it slows you down after Finished just over 2 hours.

Glad I did it but definitely prefer triathlon or indeed single bike or running races. The terribly sad events of the past days are once again a reminder of the ever increasing dangers when training on public roads. It is worth reminding ourselves that the single most efficient and result producing tool for triathlon cycling improvement is the turbo trainer. A lot of the programs I see incorporate gym strength training, which is a waste of valuable time in pursuit of sports specific strength, and also will not develop your specific skill level in any of the three disciplines.

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Instead we incorporate strength work directly into the disciplines of swim, bike and run. Riding a turbo is far superior to road riding if you wish to become a bike monster! For busy age group athletes, riding the turbo is also time efficient, with no commute to get to training routes considered safer for riding. Always have and always will be a fan of the turbo. In my earlier days a turbo set was an every second ride occurrence, however with the onset of ITU legal draft races I let it go. With the last years increasing focus on Ironman I reintroduced it as a big part of what we do.

The turbo:. Efficient, Sport specific and Safe Bike Training.

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Congratulations Steve, an inspiration to so many people. Stephen picked up an injury last month that had restricted his training to hard swimming, easy bike riding and no running. Then the supporters of Stephen got to see why he is admired not just by me, but all his peers. Stephen was disappointed in his performance indicating to coach he went out on a low. He went out on the biggest high you can in triathlon. His body, his training, the race course were all trying to break him but Stephen Bayliss gritted his teeth and showed the triathlon world what being an Ironman is all about.

From step one he hobbled, limped, walked in pain. I think the hardest part of being a coach is to follow a race on the athlete tracker. On that point there is nothing you can do but wait and see. When the splits come in and everything is going according to plan or even better it is a great feeling and something that really drives me and gives me motivation to be the best help for the athletes I can be. Hjordis Olafsdottir had some great runs in the preseason and could finally show what she is capable of in a triathlon this past Sunday.

Your first triathlon 2nd ed race ready in 5 hours a week

The Icelandic triathlon season kicked off with a supersprint race and she was able to capture the overall win! Perla Gonzalez Salazar did her first Since she lives in Monterrey she could check in her bike for I am very happy that Perla finished the race! Distel Pipe also raced his first triathlon of the season in France.

And the answer is clearly yes! He could improve his swim by almost two minutes and went under 30min for the first time.