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Link icon An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website link url. So if he goes far away he'll wake up in a body far away.

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No chance of waking up another student at Rhiannon's school, or bumping into her at the mall. It's a fresh start, for both of them. He knows the body he is in will be able to get back home the following day and now that he knows he can manipulate memories, I'm sure he'll leave her with some kind of explanation as to why she wakes up far from home. Or at least that's how I interpreted it. Is this the only book? Forest There is a prequel to this book called "Six Earlier Days".

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 19, Kathryn rated it did not like it Shelves: reads , young-adult , on-my-nook , book-club. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I'm in the minority here: I didn't like Every Day , and the more I think about the book, the more it angers me.

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The main character, A, is Dr. Sam Beckett; A quantum-leaps from person to person, landing in a different host each day. A has no body of A's own, having been leaping since A was an infant at least. There are a few rules limiting the leaps: 1. A leaps only into a host of approximately the same age, and A appears to age in the same progression as a human that is, A at one is mentally indis I'm in the minority here: I didn't like Every Day , and the more I think about the book, the more it angers me.

A leaps only into a host of approximately the same age, and A appears to age in the same progression as a human that is, A at one is mentally indistinguishable from a human at one. At the time of this story, A is sixteen. A's leaps have some sort of geographical upper limit; the only way for A to, say, leave the state is if the person A leaps into leaves the state that day.

This limit plus the previous raise questions about what will happen when A gets to be, say, ninety. The number of suitable hosts will go down, and their geographical distance will increase.

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And what happens if a host dies while A is in possession? A makes the leap at midnight each day.

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  • It isn't clear whether midnight is relative or absolute i. Does A spend exactly twenty-four hours in each host? Which suggests that one way for A to never leap would be to travel west fast enough. And what would happen if A possessed an astronaut on launch day? A never leaps into the same person twice. A can "access" the memories of A's host, but only in regard to facts, not feelings.

    Also, A can't access foreign languages fast enough for fluency, which raises some interesting questions about the nature of language acquisition as related to A. In fact, all of these rules raise some interesting questions. And if you are the sort of person who thinks in these terms - here are the limitations, now what are the implications of those limitations? Another reviewer of this book referred to this frame of mind as "logic-hobbled".

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    Maybe I should refer to YOU as "unimaginative". None of these questions get answered, and in fact, the book brings up more questions as it goes on it turns out that there are other entities like A, and that it is possible to remain in the same host indefinitely. But no, this concept doesn't get explored much. Oh, and what do A's hosts remember about having hosted A?

    Well, it depends on what the plot needs. At first, A doesn't know what they remember, but then, a few days later, A has suddenly gained the ability to implant perfect false memories in A's hosts. I will say, though, that I actually wasn't all that bothered by the lack of answers.

    So since I could tell I wasn't going to get the kind of story I would have liked, I instead focused on the story we did get. And the story we did get is There are two main threads of the book. The first is the story of A's Twoo Wuv, which is, naturally, Nice Guy apologism with a heaping helping of stalker apologism. Stalking is romantic, didn't you know?

    The second main thread is a series of after school specials focusing on the plights of various victim groups. It was tedious and predictable. Today we will learn about depression!

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    Today we will learn about illegal aliens! Today we will learn about transsexuals! Today we will learn about obesity! Today we will learn about beauty! Also A doesn't really have a gender and so we will learn about that! And so forth.

    Didactic, agenda-driven, and boring. Back to the first thread.

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    A falls in love with Rhiannon, the girlfriend of one of A's hosts. The passages describing her are classic Nice Guy crap - only A can see her secret sadness, only A can see what a kind and interesting person she is, only A can see that she wants to be "part of the world" what does that even mean?

    So naturally, A begins stalking Rhiannon and plotting to get her and her boyfriend broken up so she'll be free to date A. You know, as Nice Guys do. It's even creepier because A is using A's hosts to do so. So not only is Rhiannon being stalked and having her privacy violated, but also, every person who serves as A's host gets violated as well. And we are supposed to sympathize with A.

    I can't even express how furious this makes me. A is not the victim here. Yes, A's existence sucks, but A is not the victim. A forces A's victims to skip school, miss tests, miss trips to Hawaii, lie to family, etc. All things that A knows full well A's hosts don't want to do. In the beginning, A tries to be a good guest - go along for the day, don't do anything A's host wouldn't do - but A's stalkerish obsession with Rhiannon leads A to completely ignore A's own rules.

    After violating a couple more people first, of course. One last complaint, and then I'm done. One of A's hosts, Nathan, who got particularly thoroughly violated, retained a partial memory of what had happened to him. He had been possessed and forced to do things he didn't want to do.

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    • He describes his experience as possession, and concludes that it must be the work of the devil. And the tone of the book regarding this kid is derision. A isn't the devil. What a dummy. And the people who believe him are even dumber. He WAS forced to act against his nature by A, who had taken over his body.