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Moon said safety standards need to be decided by unbiased experts, not the companies that make a product. She said she has many unanswered questions about the boxes herself, including: What are the age and weight limits for baby boxes made in the United States?

Is it safe to pick up the box with the baby in it? What is the airflow quality inside the box? Is it safe to place the box with baby inside on the floor or on another surface? The enthusiasm for the boxes is largely because they are popular in Finland, where the infant mortality rate — 1. In Finland, the baby box is free to all new mothers if they obtain prenatal care by the fourth month of pregnancy. But the box is just one aspect of the health care provided to new mothers in that country.

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Anita Haataja, a senior researcher at Kela , which oversees the development and delivery of the maternity packages in Finland, said there is no research proving that the boxes themselves help prevent infant deaths. A recent survey found that just 37 percent of families there used the baby boxes as a sleeping place, Dr. Haataja said. On Monday, Temple University released data showing that box programs may influence the sleep practices of new parents.

When new mothers in the Temple program received a baby box and face-to-face sleep education from a nurse before leaving the hospital, their reported rate of bed-sharing with their infant within the first eight days of life was 25 percent lower than the reported bed-sharing rate of mothers given nursing instructions and no baby box. Bed-sharing is a risk factor for suffocation and other sleep-related deaths.

The A. Megan Heere, medical director of the Well Baby Nursery at Temple University Hospital and lead author of the study, said she was optimistic about the baby boxes and their potential role in promoting safe sleep. Heere said.

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Moon of the A. He was given a bath, during which he died. These details matched information known only to the police, as the coroner had found that the boy's stomach contained the remains of baked beans and that his fingers were water-wrinkled. The man eventually drove off. This story corroborated confidential testimony given by a male witness in , who said that the body had been placed in a box previously discarded at the scene. In spite of the outward plausibility of "M"'s confession, police were unable to verify her story.

Why babies all over the world are now sleeping in boxes

Neighbors who had access to "M"'s house during the stated time period denied that there had been a young boy living there and dismissed "M"'s claims as "ridiculous. Forensic artist Frank Bender developed a theory that the victim may have been raised as a girl. The child's unprofessional haircut, which appeared to have been performed in haste, was the basis for the scenario, as well as the appearance of the eyebrows having been styled.

In Bender released a sketch of the unidentified child with long hair, reflecting the strands found on the body. In , two writers, one from Los Angeles, California Jim Hoffmann and the other from New Jersey Louis Romano , explained that they believed they had discovered a potential identity from Memphis, Tennessee and requested that DNA be compared between the family members and the child.

The lead was originally discovered by a Philadelphia man who introduced Romano and Hoffmann to each other and was developed and presented, with the help of Hoffmann, to the Philadelphia Police Department and the Vidocq Society in early In December , Romano became aware of the lead and agreed to help the man from Philadelphia and Hoffmann to obtain the DNA from this particular family member in January - which was sent quickly to the Philadelphia Police Department.

Local authorities confirmed that they would investigate the lead, but said they would need to do more research on the circumstances surrounding the link to Memphis before comparing DNA. In December of Homicide Sgt.

The Boy in the Box was originally buried in a potter's field. In , his body was exhumed for the purpose of extracting DNA , which was obtained from enamel on a tooth. The coffin, headstone, and funeral service were donated by the son of the man who had buried the boy in There was significant public attendance and media coverage at the reburial.

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The grave has a large headstone bearing the words "America's Unknown Child. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unidentified American murder victim. Retrieved 26 June Philadelphia City Paper. January 8, Archived from the original on January 17, Retrieved January 12, Archived from the original on February 2, Retrieved Philadelphia Magazine.

November Retrieved September 5, Retrieved 22 March East Bay Times. Archived from the original on NBC 10 Investigates. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: NBC.

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Retrieved 4 March ABC Action News 6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: ABC. Unidentified decedents.


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